Servers run on AS204406

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Servers and network services

Server/service  Host / IPv6 address  Remarks 
Primary dns resolver / 2a06:a005:1660:1::53  DNS Censorship? Well I'm gonna build my own DNS with blackjack and h**kers! 
Secondary dns resolver / 2a06:a005:1660:2::53   
Primary authoritative NS / 2a06:a005:1661:3::53  For automatic forward and reverse PTR records for our IPv6 zones (Configured with KNOT and mod-synthrecord) 
Secondary authoritative NS / 2a06:a005:1661:4::53   
DoH dns over https resolver  Configure in Browser. 
DoT dns over TLS resolver  Configure in Android/Mobile or CPE as secure DNS. 
NTP timekeeping server / 2a06:a005:1660:3::123  (sntp 4.2.8p15 stratum 3 synced via ntp1/